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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In the dark of

Wow, been a while eh? I didn't mean to hide myself away and stop posting, but my work ended up being overwhelming on a full time basis. When I was not at work, every free moment has been spent with little JuJu and my lover. :)

I can't really update what's been going on the past year (it's too much, alright?) but I can just begin again. That's the beauty of the internet!

I saw a ghost yesterday. Two years ago, our apartment was haunted. For those entire two years we would experience a variety of things happening, from all the cabinet doors being opened (and left so), doors slammed open and shut, things being hidden from us, a cup moving by itself on the table, and sometimes even feeling someone moving my hair or touching me on the shoulder. Once I even heard someone repeat something I said. I was more than freaked out but in all honesty that is the extent of my paranormal experiences. I've always thought I was too terrified to actually see a ghost, therefore was never haunted by any of my loving family (instead, I would dream about them). This ghost that kept residence with us was more of a showy ghost I suppose. I never felt threatened by anything he did (the voice I heard that repeated me was a male) nor got any kind of weird chills. He never tried to hurt us or scare us in a bad way, so I just felt he wanted us to know he was here. It stopped in the middle of last year. Actually I think he followed me to work and began to haunt there instead, because now everyone at work has weird things happen when they are there to them (things flying off the shelves into the floor by themself, things moving around, feelings of someone touching them on the shoulder or watching them). Nobody is really bothered by it anymore now that they're used to him.

Yesterday however, I saw a true to life ghost. My lover was taking his nap on the sofa in the living room and I was sitting at our computer in the bedroom trying to zip up a software for work (the cd drive is broken, I was going to email it to the store) when I saw someone walk from the childrens room into the kitchen. Our bedroom door has a small hall with the childrens door being to the left, and angled to the right is the bathroom and entrance to the kitchen. From my vantage point I can directly see the refridgerator, and if you go left before the fridge you will be in our living room. This time, I did in fact get chills. It was a quick glance when I saw them go by and I quickly turned my head back to the screen and asked myself if I just seen that. I kept telling myself over and over it was my lover and he had woken up, snuck by me to go into the childrens room and was going back by the door. I sat in shock for ten minutes before I worked up the courage to go into the kitchen. My lover was still fast asleep on the sofa, he did not move from his spot.

The thing that worries me about what I saw was that it was a dark figure. Dark and blurry, and gave me extreme chills when I noticed it. I don't like this and I'm not sure what to do. I mean, what exactly can you do?

Anyhow, just something weird that I can't really stop thinking about now. Freaky.

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