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About Me

I'm not young, I'm not old...I'm in between (30, but nobody ever believes me). I've lived in a few other countries and visited many more, placing Nice, France and New Orleans as the cities of my heart. I speak two languages fluently, and three others decently enough to get around without help in their respective countries. I have two children, din din  and juju (I couldn't spell out their chinese nicknames, though it's dragon dragon (oldest) and tiger (youngest) for the record and sounds like hu hu). My oldest currently lives with his dad internationally going back and forth from China to where they are right now. Both of my children are half chinese and half me. My oldest speaks three languages fluently and little juju is just learning english at the moment.

I've went to two different cooking schools, one being in China where I learned many interesting things that I never get to put to use locally (small town, americanized chinese food), though I do now have an amazing position not with my specialty.
I live with the love of my life (referred to as Lover), in a tiny apartment in a small town nobody has ever heard of, making the best of what we have.