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Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh, Wouldn't it be Lovely?

I feel bad that I haven't updated in a while. It's not like it's life important or anything, but it is nice to get my thoughts and doings out there. The faceless audience that hides in the shadows of other nonfollowers makes me think silly thoughts about the lot of you. Crazy peoples.

My job is doing quite well, though it's more stressful then tiring. It's been quite a while since I've been in charge of a group of people, and even so I don't remember my previous experience having quite this many people to keep in line. The fact that they're divided up into stations makes it a little more difficult, if we need to have an employee meeting or some other nonsense, I must break down what it will be about into those groups and then what I want to talk about as a whole for them. They're quite the bunch though...and the ones that are left that I haven't fired....well....they're a team that works for me.

That was another thing I had to really get my head around. It's been forever since I've actually had to fire anyone, and usually it was one person at a time, not one a week or more. But it was in fact necessary, I had to kill all the cancerous persons within this group of possibilities to let them flourish into something much stronger. And so I've done so. I'm still hiring though...there are a few servers that really....just surprise me. I'll leave it at that.

The money is great though, for all the stress I endure, the money makes up for it. I'm happy to be at a spot in which I finally can afford more than I need and help others. Juju is also more than happy, because now he gets his Thomas the Trains in sets, and he's got almost every single one and we're building the Isle of Sodor as well. It won't be a complete replica but it will in fact be what he wanted, since he's building it and telling me what else he needs to complete his little train city. Ahhh juju, my little love. That boy is my heart and soul. The feeling of his little arms wrapping themself around my neck and inhaling his little boy smell keep my life at peace, and my heart full of happiness.

He's in school now, did I say? He's the "storyteller" of the class. It's very easy to see that he's not a shy person, although he is a little funny around adults sometimes (damn dr's make him nervous around new people...he's never sure who they are). He yipyaps all day long in the classroom though, and doesn't just help tell the story during storytime, he shows the class what's going on as well. His vocabulary has came along by leaps and bounds so quickly. Little guy speaks full sentances and has no issues at all telling you what he thinks, he's also writing now. Pretty soon, I have the feeling he'll have his own blog hehehe.

Ahh, well it's time for work, so maybe more later. I'm lucky that today is a short day for me, but it's freezing cold outside and I have to go outside in it to go to work...I hate that. You couldn't bundle me enough to keep me warm, I'm just too coldnatured.

~ta ta

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